Designer radiators are becoming a crucial part of interior

The design industry is never at rest. Just like fashion, which dictates us the new trend every other season, so acts the sphere of interior design. Just about couple of years ago the idée fixe was the futuristic design. It was getting close to the absurd. Square tables and chairs, all made of hard and cold metal, even kitchen with jagged edges here and there, terribly uncomfortable, not to mention the annoying pinky purple and blue lighting, which is completely incompatible with a healthy vision. Nevertheless, they were at the top, and not being futuristic in one or another way, could be even considered strange. Well such is the job of the interior designers, bringing us new ideas they draw from their cocaine visions, and making them popular. Perhaps the only reason it actually keeps working that way is that the sphere of design is highly subjective, and once a designer gets sick with another idée fixe and convinces the unsuspecting crowds of its fantasticality, they’d simply follow like sheep after a shepherd, successfully being enticed into another designer’s studio. Well, although it’s quite predictable with the masses, it would still be more difficult to convince them not to follow one or another trend, than to simply sell them what they want.

And this is pretty much how the things are going with the designer radiators. Just a decade ago no one even cared about these silly stacks of heating pipes, which are only being useful 3 months in one year anyway. Now, as you enter another mid-high class home, one of the things you notice first are these fancy radiators placed right in the middle of the walls, as if it was a mirror or a painting or I don’t know. Moreover, these radiators are almost being burnished with gold, as if trying to stress their significance above anything else. If ten years ago, the typical radiators would be a cheap iron semblance of an accordion, pretty much placed in an unseen corner and tightly clogged with dust and rubbish, today they’re being placed in the middle of the hall, and made of none other but chrome, a material you would only see on expensive auto parts. So as the reality dictates, there can be no excuse for you not to have one; unless you don’t mind looking like a fucking bum.

Enough said. Now if you still ain’t got brand new designer chrome radiator… Go buy it now! Use this radiator-craze trend for your own advantage. Get it right now, and impress your friends, your guests and even your mom. Believe me, they would all consider it fancy and cool. Even if after ten years from now they will become obsolete once again. Who cares? We are living today, and it’s being almost essential for our survival to adjust ourselves to such things as fashion and design trends. If you are unable to adjust promptly, you’ll have a hard time living this life…