3 Major Differences Between Men's and Women's Wristwatches

3 Major Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Wristwatches

Shopping for the perfect wristwatch can be a nightmare for beginners because there are thousands of makes and models in the market today. The first few models of wristwatches mostly focused on indicating the time. The recent models have refined uses, and some of the most common types you shall find are dresser watches, divers’ watches, sports watches and racing watches. The manufacturers are now producing different watches for different genders. They know the tastes and preferences of men differ from those of women. The following are the differences between a woman’s and a man’s wristwatch.


Men’s watches are somehow larger when compared to those of women. Men’s wrists can hold more weight than women, and that is why you shall find the difference in size. Females worry so much about their appearance, and that is why manufacturers take more time to check the fine details. A woman’s watch comes with decorations and patterns that are aimed at attracting the attention of the buyer. They come with exquisite artwork which makes them appear not only elegant but also precious. A woman’s watch should fit on her arm well unlike a man’s which can overlap and still appear decent.


Some of the most common types of straps you shall find on wristwatches are made of rubber, plastic, and metal. Men care much about the durability while women focus on the looks and the feel of the strap in question. Men will go for stainless steel straps because they can resist rust, wear, and tear which improves their durability. Women’s watches come with straps with different colors such as red, green, pink and white among many more others. It is up to the woman to select a color that blends well with a majority of her outfits. The strap should not be very tight or loose but should fit naturally on the wrist.


Men are always looking for gadgets that can perform several tasks at no extra cost. Manufacturers focus on the functionality when they are dealing with men’s watches. You shall find some extra features like a stopwatch and calendar on a man’s watch, but the same will be missing on a woman’s watch. You can visit https://www.replicahause.eu/ and scroll through various watches and see the differences.

Understanding the above features will enable you to pick the perfect wristwatches. However, you shall find unisex makes that combine both male and female specs.