4 Principles to Improve Your Website’s Design

Good website design is crucial to increasing and maintaining traffic. Even as a beginner, you can create a website with a great design. All you need to do is to keep in mind the following principles.

Avoid Testing Your Users’ Patience

Users are there to try out your websites’ services, not to apply for a job. Hence, you must refrain from requiring them to fill up long registration forms just to test out your site. Making your website convenient to utilize and requiring little from your users is a wise strategy for design. Ideally, your home page should also have access to most of the sections that users will want to see. After all, nobody enjoys having to look around for something, only to get lost.

Communicate Effectively With Users

First, you must organize the structure of your site to keep it as clear and consistent as possible. Second, you need to utilize minimal cues and text, while ensuring that communication is not ambiguous. Lastly, you must balance between legibility, readability, symbolism, and typography to ensure that you communicate successfully. A good example you may follow is this cms website creation – X1 developers site, which applies these principles.

Keep Website Design Simple

When designing a website, one should strive for simplicity rather than complexity. That does not mean that you should not add a beautiful design, just that you should avoid overdoing it. After all, a user comes to your site for the functions and services, and not the website design. You do not want your visitor to find your website design bothersome because of its complexity. Hence, a simple, smart layout will suffice for the viewers of your site.

Obvious and Self-Explanatory Content

No one is there to visit your site to solve a puzzle, so you have to make the content as obvious as possible. Avoid raising question marks from your users to keep them staying, and if ever there are difficulties, make sure there is a frequently-asked question or FAQ section. If visitors find it difficult to get from Point A to Point B, they will slowly lose interest and leave your site. Overall, you should refrain from adding anything obscure to avoid discouraging visitors.


All webmasters strive to increase their traffic, so they have to ensure that their website’s design caters to the users. You may also successfully design your site by applying methods, starting with these few.