Choosing a wallet. Five rules.

Producing wallets can require a lot of materials. Leather, leather substitute, fabric, silk, or even some exotic leather – those are the materials necessary for production. At the choice of an accessory for storage of money, you shall not be guided only by its cost. It can deceive. So, for example, leather wallets are the most expensive. However, if the wallet made of textiles or a high-quality leather substitute it can also be quality. If the product produced in compliance with the technological requirements, then on the longevity and durability does not yield to leather one.  And costs at the same time much cheaper. If you, by all means, want a wallet from genuine leather, then you better choose the varnished models. They will serve longer than the usual one. As a rule, leather wallets sew from veal leather. However, exotic options are possible also. Bright accessories from leather of a python and eel are quite popular. The latest one looks very unreliably and seems too soft. Nevertheless, they are quite resistant to external influences.
Although, rubberized textiles remain the most reliable material. Usually, the luggage is made of this. And as we know, it remains normal after throwing, attrition and adhesion. So the similar rubberized wallet will serve for many years.
The market is full of different types of wallets. Nowadays, minimal wallets can be considered one of the most popular. This tendency supported by many designers and producers. If you are looking for the top minimal wallets you may find them at this website. However, despite all this, the classical direct model remains the most convenient, practical and capacious.

Here are the five rules, that will help you to choose a great wallet.

1) Touch it.  Doing it you will understand whether it was produced from genuine leather or synthetic materials. The purse from genuine leather will be warm, while one of the artificial materials – cold.
2) Carry out by the wet wipe.  It is enough to mop the wallet for a definition of a quality of skin and paint. It is better to refuse of purchase if the skin has darkened or on a napkin was painted.  Check that all seams on a wallet have been stitched.
3)  ?heck whether every seam is qualitatively backstitched.  The backstitched wallet is more reliable and will serve you much longer. Pay attention to stitches quality. Otherwise, there is a high probability that the stitch will disperse over time.
4) Density and hardness. The wallet has to be moderately firm. Especially in places of a crease. Too soft leather wallet will quickly lose its presentable look.
5) Metal is better than plastic. The metal garment accessories are better plastic. It does not only look more presentable. It is quite durable. And it means that the wallet with metal zippers and rivets will serve longer.