Advice by Veterinarian in Portland Oregon on How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

If you have just bought a puppy into your family, you should know how to keep him healthy and fit. There are some basic procedure that you should follow to achieve this. While these advices may not allow your dog to be free from any serious problems, but will surely help. Here are some of the things that most Veterinarian in Portland Oregon suggests.


Not all dogs have worms, but if they do, they will not only make them sick but the dog owners are also at risk to get sick. Your dog might start vomiting, lose weight and even have other health problems due to worms. You need to collect your dog’s stool to the vet and get it tested for worms. The frequency of the test will depend on how often your dog goes out of the apartment.


Ensure that your dog is vaccinated or may suffer from serious health complications due to contagious diseases. But do not give too many vaccines that can seriously harm your dog. When he is a puppy, he will require two important vaccines – hepatitis and parvovirus. Your dog will also require a rabies vaccine, but avoid over-vaccinating.

Regular Home Care

It is important for any dog owner to give some time to their pets for a great physical and mental health of the dog. This will help in preventing problems like excessive barking, digging or running away the first chance they get.  Spend time with them by brushing their hair, check for any cuts and brush their teeth to prevent any dental problems. Spending quality time with your dog should not be a chore and will surely make a big difference to his overall health.

Weekly Physical Examination at Home and Monthly Visit to the Vet

On your days off work, give a little free time to your dog. Start examining your dog from head to tail and see if something is wrong with him. If you see something is not right, book an appointment with the Veterinarian in Portland Oregon immediately. The vet can start the treatment immediately and will add years to your dog’s life.

Go for monthly checkups to the vet so that any serious problems can be easily detected and treated for right away. This will also save you thousands of dollars and heartbreaks and prevent the problem from getting worse.