Electric Blankets: Your Safety Questions Answered

Many times, consumers come up with a number of questions regarding electric blankets. While many people consider them top-notch bedding supplies, others have reservations about them. Here are five safety questions about electric blankets answered:

What are the conditions for using electric blankets?

By virtue of being an electrical accessory, you should understand that anything could go wrong at any time. This is true with all electrical devices. For example, a control may fail to work, a heater cable may break, or the blanket may get more heat than necessary. For the sake of such emergencies, it is not advisable to allow infants or young children to use electric blankets. In addition, any person who is helpless due to sickness, the elderly and mentally ill people should not use the blankets. Even if your elderly loved one wants to use an electric blanket, it is advisable to show them tough love or else the consequences may be regrettable.

Should pregnant women use the electric blanket?

Different opinions come from medical experts regarding the use of electric blankets during pregnancy. It is always important to ask your doctor first before you start using an electric blanket. Usually, for lack of safety proof in this area, it is advisable to forgo the use of electric blanket until after delivery. Meanwhile, you could still utilize automatic warming gadgets to heat up your sheets before you get between them.

Can you use an electric blanket with a pacemaker?

While there is no evidence that electric blankets could damage pacemakers, it is advisable to check with your doctor as well as the producer of your pacemaker.

Why are diabetics not allowed to use electric blankets?

You might have seen the warnings for people with diabetes not to use electric blankets or heated mattresses. The main reason is that people with diabetes are insensitive to heat and this could cause a burn when the pad or the blanket becomes too warm. However, it is possible for a diabetic person to pre-warm a blanket or a mattress pad before going to sleep.

What is the explanation regarding the electromagnetic field of electric blankets?

The safety of EMF of electric blankets has been a subject under discussion since the 1990s. Some studies have hinted that EMF produced by power companies could lead to cancer, especially in young children. However, the subject of safety of the EMF continues to be debatable in both health and economic quarters.

As such, if you feel concerned about the safety of the EMF of an electric blanket, it would be advisable to choose products with low voltages. You can check my source of blanket voltages and learn more about how you can choose the right product for your requirements.