Gift Ideas for the Older Dad

If your dad is older and needs a little more TLC than he used to, here are some great gift ideas for you to consider:

–One. A key finder.

This is a little electronic gadget that will help you dad find his keys if he misplaces them.

–Two. Magnifying glasses.

These can range from the kind you wear on your face, to hand-held, to the kind you clamp onto a desk or table to read magazines and newspapers. Some are even attached to lap desks so that he can read his favorite book in bed or while lounging in the living room chair.

–Three. If your dad isn’t as mobile as he used to be and has trouble reaching up high or down low for things, there are little mobility aids called reachers and grabbers.

They act like an extension of your arm, where you reach out and grab something you need, say, like a box of tissues. Then you clamp it and bring it toward yourself. If your dad drops something on the floor, like his wallet, he will be able to retrieve it with the reacher. They act like a big set of tongs.

–Four. Grip pads for opening jars and lids.

These are thin layers of rubber with rough texture that your dad can wrap around a jar or lid, making it easier to open. There are similar products with handles that look like a manually operated can opener. This opens and closes in your hand, then you wrap it around the jar lid, squeeze, and twist.

–Five. A cell phone with special features.

If your dad has trouble seeing or hearing, you can get him a phone that has big text on the keypad and on the display window, or is voice-activated so he can tell his phone to dial a number once it’s programmed in. There is also a feature with extra loud volume. You should talk to your local electronics store or big box store that carries cell phones. It’s also a good idea to browse online and do some comparison shopping. Make sure you check out the payment plans and contracts, as they can become a headache. If your dad is new to phones, a simple one will be much easier for him than one with all the bells and whistles.

–Six. An electric blanket.

Older people can be chillier than young people, so having an electric blanket over them while they sleep, especially in winter, can give them warmth, and you peace of mind. You can pick one up at almost any big box store, and the internet is a good place to find one as well.

Whichever gifts you decide to get your dad, there is something to please all budgets.