How To Become A Popular Wedding Singer

Choosing your niche isn’t that hard, especially if you love what you are doing. And while for some musicians singing to a wedding may sound as mediocre or too small of a gig, some others embrace the task gracefully and try to please the crowds in order to make themselves more popular and in demand. No matter the side, trying to sing at a wedding is a good way to start your musician career even if you plan for bigger things ahead. However, you must learn how to be a good musician and what crowds like in order to have future gigs and cash in some good money. Below you will find a list of tips on how to become a successful wedding singer, gathered from a man who is already one of the most reputed in the field – The Wedding Singer – James Barlow.

Be professional

No matter which type of music gigs you are hoping to land, one thing is for sure – you cannot thrive in the industry and be successful without adopting a responsible and professional attitude. Yes, music is about expressing yourself freely and about becoming a superior, freer spirit, but the people you are going to sing to do not need to make you the center of attention, during their wedding day. Thus, adopting a more humble and responsible attitude will get you a long way.

Always be punctual and ready to sing live according to the schedule of the party. This means you should arrive early and check the audio sound system for flaws prior to your singing gig. Also, you will not be singing throughout the night so make the most out of the moments you do sing live. In other words, connect to the crowd, see what they like and try to establish a common ground so that everyone will have fun.

Come up with a list of popular wedding songs and confront it with your wedding couple. Ask them about their preferences in terms of music genres and try to make your repertory flexible enough to include some of their demands. Be open to suggestion and do not be afraid of saying you don’t know a certain song or that you are doubtful that a live approach towards a certain song will turn out great.


Although you are good at singing, rehearsals are in plan if you want to evolve as a singer. However, make sure to not stretch your voice too much prior to a gig and look after your diet. You should already know by now to avoid cold or hot beverages and say no to alcohol in the venue day.