What You Should Know If You Are Losing Followers on Instagram

Are you always losing followers on Instagram?  Have you paused to ask yourself why this may be happening? Well, it is not surprising to wake up to reduced numbers on your account. This normally occurs due to several reasons, which we discuss below.

Low-Quality Content

Your content should bring value to your followers by educating or entertaining them. If you keep posting low-resolution images and boring content, your followers see you as a lazy person and may unfollow you just for this reason. If you keep posting the same things over and again, you also prompt people to stop following you.

Elimination of Fake Followers by Instagram

Fake accounts can only survive on Instagram for as long as they have not been reported. If you are in the habit of buying followers, you may suffer a great loss if Instagram identifies these followers and purges them out of the platform. Although there are several benefits of purchasing followers, as mentioned by Spire, Instagram keeps closing fake accounts. That is why you should only engage sellers with a positive reputation.

Inconsistency in Your Posts

You may not be posting enough. Millions of users do post on Instagram every day. If you want to remain relevant to your followers then you must join this trend. Without a consistent posting schedule, you risk losing your followers to your competitors who may be offering a better experience.

Not Paying Attention to Analytics

Instagram analytics tell you which content generates the largest number of comments and likes. If you ignore these analytics, you will not understand the kind of content that interests your followers and this means that you can never meet their needs.

Promoting Too Much

As much as you need to sell your products and services, people do not want to be bombarded with advertisements all the time. Continuous posts that ask users to buy something are a sure way to lose most of your followers. Make sure you spread your adverts proportionally through your non-ad posts to maintain a steady engagement.

Not Engaging Your Followers

If there are people who are engaging with your content, you can only do them a favor by following them back. This can be as simple as liking their posts or even sending them a direct message.

In Conclusion

When it comes to Instagram, quality content is what matters. If your followers report you for low quality or block you, Instagram may suspend your account. You thus need to be careful about what, when and how you share your content.