Learn About the Types of Drill Bits

To use the right drill bit for the right purpose, it is imperative to know the types of bits that are available in the market. Drill bits are available in different types and users can learn more at http://www.drillbitbest.com/.

Here are some of the common types of drill bits in the market.

Screwdriver bits

With a hexagonal shank, these bits work well with rechargeable screwdrivers. They are ideal for drilling pilot holes. Since they work with rechargeable screwdrivers, the amount of work they can achieve depends on the power of the screwdriver. For sharpening, they require a special bit sharpener, oilstone, or grindstone.

Masonry drill bit

This type of drill bit can drill holes in bricks, stones, concrete, quarry tiles, or building blocks. They have a stronger cutting tip, which is made of tungsten carbide and rolled into a spiral steel shaft. Some types of masonry bits have a highly durable cutting tip, which is made of silicon bronze. Masons often refer to these bits as ‘durium tipped’.

Masonry bits work with powered drills, although they can also work manually with a lot of effort. Based on the materials they work on, masonry bits must be stronger to withstand the hammer action applied in some cases. Generally, a slow and rotational drilling mechanism can help prevent overheating at the cutting tip. It is also important to remove the bit occasionally to remove dust.

The bits range from 4 millimeters to 16 millimeters. A drill sharpener or a grindstone is ideal for sharpening the bits with tungsten carbide tip.

Spur point bit

Sometimes it goes by the name wood bit or dowel bit. This type of drill bit comes with a central point and two spurs that are raised to keep the bit straight during work. It works mainly on timber and is ideal for creating holes for dowels. Sizes range from 3millimters to 10 millimeters. Experts recommend them only for drilling holes on plastics or wood.

To sharpen the spur point bit, a repairperson can use the edge of a fine grindstone or file with fine grains. For best results, the bit should be held such that the point and the spurs are at 90 degrees.

Bullet point bit

This type of drill bit is available in varying sizes from 1.5millimeters to 13 millimeters. It also comes with a central point and a spur. Unlike the spur point model, it can work on both wood and plastics. It is usually difficult to sharpen this type of bit, so the best option is to use a fresh one in a case of damage.

While this list may not be as exhaustive as users would want, it can help them choose the right bit for their needs.