A Look at What a St Albans Hypnotherapist Does

Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of psychotherapy that combines cognitive counseling techniques with subconscious healing techniques. It has been widely and successfully used for many years in St Albans to offer relief to a number of conditions and problems. Hypnotherapy can assist individuals connect to their conscious awareness as well as their unconscious/ sub-conscious desires and beliefs. This will result in reduced feelings of anxiety and stress together with increased feelings of positive energy and calmness. Below is a look at what a St Albans hypnotherapist does.

A hypnotherapist is a trained and skilled professional who can help people use their subconscious mind to change ways of thinking or behavioral patterns. He or she does this by inducing a trance-like state. For a hypnotherapist to help someone, the client should really be willing to change their negative feelings, thoughts or behaviors.

The human mind is quite powerful. This means that to a certain degree or another, an individual is susceptible to suggestion. By guiding someone through some exercises, a hypnotherapist will determine their degree of suggestibility. Before a therapist hypnotizes a client, he/she will discuss in detail the problem to be solved and the goal to be achieved. He or she will also explain what hypnotherapy is, what the client will experience during the process, how the mind operates during its sub-conscious state, and how it will work to help the client.

Based on the nature of the goal or problem and the results of the patient’s suggestibility, a hypnotherapist will then induce a hypnotic state. If the therapist is able to share in the client’s experience, the therapy is likely to become more individualized and have a bigger impact. Some of the issues that can be solved by this therapy include alcohol and drug dependence, stress and anxiety management, confidence, increase in self-esteem, and many others.

Hypnotherapy can assist individuals with psychological goals or issues. However, it is not done by waving a pendulum or a watch in a client’s face while saying ‘you are getting sleepy’ as is often portrayed in movies. Contrary to a common belief, the therapy does not involve putting the patient in deep sleep. A client cannot be forced to do something that they would not do under ordinary circumstances. Patients remain totally aware of their situation and surroundings. What matters is the extent to which they are motivated to stay away from an addiction or bad habit, or to make a positive change. A client’s eagerness and motivation, together with the relationship they have with the hypnotherapist, are the main factors determining the therapy’s success.

When seeking a professional hypnotherapist in St Albans, it is vital to check out their credentials and ability to treat someone competently and professionally. During the introductory consultation, it is advisable for a potential client to interview a St Albans hypnotherapist on his/her training, methods of treatment and experience. Any therapist who puts a client into a trance, plays a pre-recorded tape and then moves to another client should be avoided. Hypnotherapy is all about communication between therapists and clients. Therefore, using pre-recorded materials is unethical.