Moving On From the Instagress Shutdown

Moving On From the Instagress Shutdown

A lot of people are lamenting the shutdown of Instagress, and they have no idea what to do next. The right thing to do is to find alternatives, and that means something that will not end up the same way. Just read further, and you will have an idea as to how you will plan your Instagram marketing scheme.

Bots No Longer Cut It

If you intend to market your brand on Instagram, you have to say goodbye to bots because they will ruin your reputation rather than improve it. What you are seeking are potential clients and patrons, not spammers who only comment “Nice.” As such, you would want quality followers rather than numerous amounts of fake, junk ones. Also, others will consider you much more credible if you had real followers, and not synthetic ones that indicate your usage of bots. Lastly, you should refrain from risking your account and losing all your progress.


For people who are focused on developing their Instagram account, FollowAdder is a decent company. Unlike bots, you will gain authentic followers, and it will help you filter the trash that pops up on social media. Furthermore, it has a dashboard, a hashtag search, and multiple account management packages. Lastly, it all comes at a reasonable price, so this is your first alternative to Instagress.


If you are quite hardcore and utilize multiple social media accounts simultaneously, you might appreciate FollowingLike. This tool is perfect for people who intend to manage multiple social media platforms in a single package. Furthermore, it is quite similar to the usage of humans, so you are less likely to get banned. Also, it comes with the option of unfollowing accounts that are somewhat “inactive.” Lastly, it is quite heavy on scheduling options, so it is ideal for meticulous users.

Other Alternatives

There are other Instagress alternatives out there, you just have to look harder. Try to ask others or search online for more information that you can make use of. For a specific recommendation, look at as he reviews various Instagress alternatives quite well.


Now that Instagress is gone, many people are lamenting but you do not have to respond the same way as they are. In fact, this may be an opportunity for you to find other options that will net authentic followers. You can try both FollowAdder and FollowingLike and other tools, just choose whatever suits your preferences.