Why Self Storage is What all the Smart Students are Doing

It’s a well-worn cliché: come summer vacation, students are waiting with a bag of dirty laundry for Mom and Dad to drive them and all their worldly possessions home for the next few months. This state of affairs isn’t really true any more, however. Students are increasingly independent, self-sufficient adults, keen to avoid freeloading off parents.

Whether they’ve moved state, town, or are even international learners, savvy students are turning to self-storage to solve the eternal problem: what to do with their stuff over the summer. Whilst there are of course the age-old options of finding a friend with a basement or garage, or lugging everything back to your parents’, these aren’t always best for your peace of mind (or their garage space!).

Whether you have delicate electronics or large bulky items such as furniture, self storage can often be the most feasible solution to keep your possessions safe and secure. If you’re lucky enough to be spending a semester or two abroad or on an exchange program, it’s also the perfect option for keeping your stuff safe over a longer period.

And it’s a good idea to keep your things safe; even if you do have accommodation sorted over the summer, your landlord may not permit storage. Check your contract to make sure you know the situation. Or, if your possessions are valuable and you will be absent for all or part of the vacation, you might not feel comfortable leaving them unprotected.

In Montgomery county, that’s where self storage facility SmartLock comes in – super central, it’s handy for students at both Virginia Tech and Radford University. But don’t just take our word for it; check it out for yourself and find out how SmartLock can help you keep your stuff secure. But why is self storage so good? Take a look at the benefits below.

How self-storage can enhance your student experience

It’s convenient

With 24 hour hassle-free access, self storage – unlike parents, friends or acquaintances – can fit around you and your schedule. Drive in, drop it off, and you won’t have to worry for the whole summer. Renting a unit is swift and painless – for example, SmartLock advise that the entire moving in process should take less than 15 minutes.

It’s super safe and secure

Yes, you could leave your home brewing kit at a bro’s house, but can you be sure it’d still be okay when you come back? If you have fragile goods, such as musical instruments, art or electronics, most self storage solutions offer climate-controlled units, which maintain a level temperature and humidity. Almost all self-storage units will also offer insurance options starting at low prices. And that leads us on to the next point…

It’s affordable!

This is obviously important for eternally broke students. Rents start at perhaps surprisingly low costs for the smallest size, non-temperature controlled units. You could even share a unit with friends to reduce the cost even more.

There are often promotions

So you may be able to get storage for even cheaper. For example, many companies offer a discount if you pay the first 6 or 12 months upfront, and SmartLock currently offers 25% off your next month’s rent if you refer a friend.

How to decide which self storage is right for you

If you’ve decided that self storage is the best option for you, how do you decide whether to rent a temperature controlled or non-temperature controlled unit? A good way to decide is the garage test. Think about your items; would you feel happy to leave them in a garage-type environment?

If yes, go for the lower cost and take a non-temperature controlled unit. If not, it’s probably worth paying the extra cost to keep your fragile goods safe. In order to prevent rust, make sure to clean and dry electrical items before storage and wipe all metal items down. You can also lightly coat metal surfaces in a few drops of machine oil to further deter rust or deterioration. And finally, don’t forget bubble wrap for fragile items such as glass or ceramics.