Simple Neck Pain Management Tips

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to reduce the intensity of your neck pain. At times, all need to do is to look around for affordable remedies that will bring you comfort without a visit to your physician or chiropractor.

Buy a Good Neck Pillow

Invest in a pillow to prop up your neck as you sleep. By extension, a neck pillow reduces the chance of losing your natural sleep position for an extended period. It prevents your neck from bending on extending, thus cutting the level of stress exposed to your spine and other supporting structures.

Anne Keiley, a woman who has been living with back and neck pain for years, notes that indeed, pillows reduce the pain. Even then, Anne says to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you have to choose a pillow at suits your body shape and sleeping style. The best part is, neck pillows are readily available at a price that won’t shrink your wallet.

Use Ice Therapy

Nagging pain, tingling, and numbness can cause back and neck pain. You can reduce suffering by placing ice on areas such as between your thumb and index finger or on the bone behind your ear. You can also increase the amount of magnesium in your diet to boost contraction and relax your neck and back muscles. Magnesium is readily available in foods such as beans, veggies, whole grain, and beans.

Stay Hydrated

Yes, drinking enough water can help reduce your neck pain. You see, the discs located between the vertebrae need water to keep your spine aligned. Water also helps maintain optimal disc height and relieve pressure off your spine. Other than that, your disc is 80% water at birth, and the ratio keeps decreasing as you age. Repeated studies have shown that drinking at least one liter of water every day may help slow the rate of cervical disc degeneration to prevent back pain.

The Bottom Line

Neck pain isn’t fun. It can cause a lot of suffering and if not treated, affect your ability to carry out day to day tasks comfortably. Doctors recommend that you start to address your neck pain as soon as it happens to prevent it from aggravating into something chronic. Avoid activities that put stress on your cervical spine such as cradling your cell phone to your neck while making calls.  Of course, be sure to see your doctor if pain persists.