Why Your Twitter Marketing Campaigns Are Failing As A Gardener

Twitter has been one of the strongest social platforms for creating campaigns and passing news from all over the world. It is a platform where you will find who is who in the political scenes, the entertainment industry, business moguls and commoners as well. Gardeners have not been left out and they are using Twitter to market their brands and products. Automation has been a very important tool as it gives gardeners time to concentrate on their core activities. The following are the reasons why your marketing efforts as a gardener are failing despite automating your Twitter account.

    1. You do not use hashtags

Hashtags were first introduced on this platform before being rolled out onto others and no wonder they carry so much weight on Twitter. Hashtags make your content more visible because anyone who narrows down on these hashtags will most likely land on your content. Follow market leaders and influencers in your niche to learn what is trending and pick up. Mention influential brands as this increase the chances of making your brand more visible. You can create a personal hashtag that you use on a daily basis and make it identifiable with your brand. Do not overdo the hashtags but keep them at an acceptable level.

    1. You do not have a strategy

Do not be among those who think that succeeding on Twitter requires one to just tweet and retweet some wonderful quotes. You should know what to post, when to do it and how to respond to queries. Do some basic research and understand your customersā€™ needs and design content that they can relate to. Follow some market leaders to have a rough idea of what makes a good social media strategy. Once you have a strategy, you can then automate some tasks such as following and liking posts. You can check some expert review of tweepi which is an automation tool hereĀ https://thesmallbusinessblog.net/tweepi-review/

    1. Your content does not suit this platform

Twitter limits the number of characters you can use on a single post unlike other platforms such as Facebook. This ensures that you use the least words but still drive the point home. You have to be creative on how you craft your messages to ensure that you pass all the intended information. Ensure that your images and videos have the specified dimensions before you post them. You can also include external links to your personal site or sales page.