Understanding the Major Forms of Martial Arts

Martial art is a fighting technique that involves the use of certain physical and mental skills during self-defense. The term martial is derived from Mars, a Greek word for the God of wars. Training sessions in martial arts are mostly geared towards making the body flexible, enhancing balance, and promoting critical thinking in participants.

There are various types of martial arts besides karate and kung fu, which are the most common. Whenever you enroll for martial arts classes, you are given an opportunity to study, understand and choose a style that suits your needs. These fighting styles can further be categorized into various sections, which are discussed in detail at the London Fight Factory, a renowned martial arts training center for beginners and professional fighters.

Now, let us look at some of the martial arts categories that you need to know.

Striking Martial Arts

This category consists of fighting styles which require you to maintain an upright position. In this case, you defend yourself using kicks, punches, and blocks while ensuring that you remain on your feet. Some techniques that fall in this category include boxing, karate, kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do.

Ground Fighting Martial Arts

Grappling or ground fighting teaches you how to effortlessly bring your opponent to the ground during a fight.  It comprises of wrestling, which is more common and Brazilian jiu-jitsu which manipulates the opponent to submission. Ground fighting is considered as one of the most effective methods because once your attackers are on the ground it becomes impossible for them to harm you. It is almost similar to takedown fighting which allows you to immobilize your opponents by throwing them down.

Weapon-Based Martial Arts

Most of the martial arts styles do not allow the use of weapons. However, styles such as laido and kendo revolve around the use of weapons such as wooden swords.

Hybrid Fighting Techniques

By now, you may have noticed that most of the techniques cited above have a few features in common. Most schools teach related styles together and this is what is referred to as hybrid martial arts. This highly competitive style combines striking, grappling, takedown and weapon-based fighting into one. It is also known as Mixed Martial Arts or MMA and has techniques such as Jeet Kune Do which is considered as the root from which notable martial artists have been established.

Last Words

Before you enroll in any class, you first need to ask yourself what you are seeking to attain from it. If you only want to be physically fit then you can select a style that is less involving. However, if you are doing it for defense then you need to go for a more advanced mix of styles so that you are able to attack using minimal effort.